Skin Tightening


Tension represents the last T of facial rejuvenation (the other being Tone and Texture)


As we age, we wil notice that our facial skin becomes loose and generally, the complexion gets saggy. This is due to


  1. Reduction of collagen and elastic tissues in the skin causing it to be less elastic as well as …
  2. Loss of fat volume in areas like the cheek bones and temple causing a general deflation of facial contours and a change in general facial structure.


The discussion of tightening the skin can be rather complex but for the sake of simplicity (and perhaps clarity too!) we can basically do 2 things to provide tension to skin.


  • “Shrink it”


  • “Stretch it”



“Shrinking” or pulling the skin can be done by using a combination of

  • Radiofrequency treatment
  • Superficial and deep laser rejuvenation
  • Threadlift


‘Stretching” would require some form of volume replacement to be done. Options of volume replacement would include


In the past, most skin tightening treatment revolves around taking away excess loose skin to cause the remaining skin to stretch ie a typical facelift. The problem with this method however is that it leaves the patient having taut facial skin but a distinctively very unnatural and aesthetically displeasing look.


In recent years however, we have found that depending on the severity of loose and saggy skin, the treatment almost always involve a varying combination of both strategy ie pulling skin and volume replacement. This is the best strategy so far as it addresses both the roots of the problem and forms a part of a process we call global facial rejuvenation.




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