Laser Tattoo Removal


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There are a few ways to remove tattoos although the most popular method is by using laser. This is a very tricky procedure and how much one would pay for the treatment would be very dependent on many factors. The pertinent factors are discussed here…

At Eden Medical Aesthetics we pride ourselves in having helped so many of our patients to either…

  1. Remove an unwanted tattoo
  2. Lighten an undesirable tattoo to make way for a new, better looking one (This is the current trend now professionally as compared to the previous method of using a cover-up tattoo alone ; which in many ways give less than appealing results. Ask your tattoo artiste!) Read about it here…

And we use high quality European technology and an experience of more than 10 years to ensure results that have never failed to do at least one thing for our patients… replace the tattoo on their skin with a smile on their face! 🙂

The other methods of removing tattoo includes

  1. DIY methods – These methods are not medically-sanctioned and certainly not recommended but are included here for completion sake.
    • physical abrasion using sandpaper and water or scraping with a metal blade or file
    • application of acid
  2. Dermabrasion (NOT to be confused with microdermabrasion)
  3. Excision
  4. Skin grafting

Patients are advised to attend a formal consultation with a trained and experienced physician before embarking on any attempts to remove a tattoo.

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