Minimal Access

Minimal Access procedures basically refer to work done to areas beyond the surface of the skin by puncturing it. Procedures that fall within this

Category includes

A word of caution

We have chosen to use the term Minimal Access here as opposed to the ever popular term “Minimally Invasive” to describe procedures that extend beyond the superficial skin layers.

 Reason being that this term “Minimally Invasive” has unfortunately been used especially in recent years to describe anything from superficial injections to the skin like BotoxR injections to even liposuctions. Many a times, this has misled the general public with the false perception that such procedures are very safe with minimal risk of complications.

 This is certainly not true as these procedures may involve just a puncture or a small opening on the skin (ie minimal access) but that has nothing to do how deep the subsequent procedure will eventually go to. Depending on the type of procedure, the risk can vary from minimal to levels that are even higher than open surgery!

 Hence , the term minimal access is a more accurate classification and risk stratification should be done separately according to specific procedure.


Take home message….

 Minimally Access is NOT Minimally Invasive is NOT Minimally Risky !

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