Invasive treatment would mainly be cosmetic surgery in this case.

All cosmetic/plastic surgeries done in Eden Medical Aesthetics are performed by a surgical team headed by our resident cosmetic and facial plastic surgeon.

Cosmetic surgeries are complex procedures that are almost always tailored to each specific patient. No two patients are alike and hence no two surgeries should be exactly the same.

Factors that determine the nature of the surgery would include…

  1. Patient’s age and medical history
  2. Current problem and concerns
  3. Patient’s aesthetic goals, expectations and understanding of the procedure
  4. Surgeon’s capability, experience and aesthetic considerations
  5. Any other factors that may affect risk and outcome of the surgery

Having cosmetic surgery done is not an easy decision to make. Patients must understand the nature of the surgery, it’s benefits, risks and possible complications before embarking in one.

As such, we advise patients who may be keen to pursue cosmetic surgery as an option in addressing their aesthetic concerns to specifically book an appointment with us to discuss these in detail.


Some of the more popular procedures that we do include

  • Eyes
    • Upper Bleparoplasty
    • Asian Blepharoplasty (“double eyelids”)
    • Lower Blepharoplasty (eyebags removal)
  • Nose
    • Augmentation
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Alarplasty
  • Cheeks
    • Buccal Fat Extraction
  •  Radiofrequency Surgery
  • Hair
    • Hair Transplantation
  •  Others
    • Male Circumcision
    • Earlobe Piercing Repair
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